Exquisite Marble Décor For Your Bathroom


Marble, an ancient metamorphic rock that became popular in ancient Greek and Roman empires, is the perfect décor finishing for your bathroom with its natural ability to create an atmosphere of luxury and opulence.

With a symbolic meaning of purity and immortality, it is easy to see how marble fits in with the sanctuary and spa like atmosphere your bathroom design should achieve. From sleek built in marble tubs, elegant sinks and vanities, to complete wall-to-wall marble designs here are a few exquisite marble finishes in bathrooms to inspire.

Lavo Bathroom Concepts creates sensuous and luxurious bathroom designs and finishing accessories such as the gorgeous black and white Marmo mixer.



Consider these wall-to wall elegant and stylish marble designs for your bathroom interior created by Lifestyle Ceramics.



Add warmth and colour with a wall-to-wall marble design in your bathroom. Consider these elegantly crafted looks by WOMAG.



Oxo creates timeless and exclusive design experiences. Create an atmosphere of serenity like their classic white marble bathroom or try a more rustic and authentic marble approach.



Featured Image: Vann Maignan, Unsplash