Luxury Bathroom Scents


Whether it’s delicately scented candles, floral room fragrances or wild and luxurious scents from a variety of diffusers, there’s nothing better than experiencing a fresh or luxurious scent that evokes fond memories or inspires and invigorates the mind. Here are some must have products that can help you transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of peaceful relaxation.


Room Spray

Adding a gentle spritz of a fresh and delicately scented room spray will bring a renewing spa like ambiance into your bathroom. Room spray can also be used on fabrics and linens. Check out the Le Fragranze Di La Stanza range available from Antica Farmacista.

Sparkling and effervescent, we introduce DAPHNE FLOWER for Spring… 🌸✨

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Scented Candles

Warm, fragranced and comforting, scented candles do more than just light up a room and your mood. The exotic mix of MALIN+GOETZ candles can add a simple touch of luxury to a bathroom with sweet floral and citrus infused scents as well as extremely unique fragrances like leather and dark rum.


may we interest you in a basil and spearmint blended mojito? #burnbetter

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Room Diffusers

Room diffusers add a touch of décor and an antique inspired feel to a room. Le Fragranze D ‘Ambiante’s apothecary like bottles are filled with vibrant and gentle fragrances, which permeate the air through the bottles open neck and white birch reeds that are inserted to further diffuse the scent. Check out the incredible range of scents at Antica Farmicista.


We love our #manhattan fragrance inspired by our fave cocktail 🍸

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Featured Image: Elsa Young