6 storage ideas for your bedroom

Simple and standard built in cupboards do not always accommodate all of your clothes and other personal items you need in your bedroom. To prevent clutter and keep your bedroom an elegant and neat and sleek living area, here are 6 great storage ideas for you to consider.


The Wardrobe

Adding an additional wardrobe that can double as a chic décor item will resolve all you clothing storage issues. Be sure to choose a wardrobe that offers a spacious hanging area and a great amount of shelving for your extra bits and pieces. Hanging up your clothing creates a neater and cleaner aesthetic. A wardrobe or built in cupboards with mirrors on the doors also adds a sense of depth to the bedroom.


Photo: Annie Spratt, Unsplash


The Desk

A sleek desk with a good number of drawers to store all your necessities will keep your working area tidy and offer extra space to store other bedroom items. Balance the look of your room with a rustic white piece or add an desk with contemporary design.


Photo: Hutomo Abrianto, Unsplash


The Shelving

Mounting interesting shelves on your bedroom wall is a great idea to store small odds and ends, quirky décor items or a scented candle and is a perfect DIY project to take on. You can also increase your closet storage size by mounting a double-height closet or open shelving above your wardrobe or built in closet.


Photo: Kara Michelle, Unsplash


The Wicker Basket

Placing a cute and chic wicker basket in your bedroom gives you the option of extra storage. Use it to ensure that worn clothes won’t take up floor space or any other surface space or just as additional storage.


Photo:Sarah Dorweiler, Unsplash


The Kist or Storage Ottoman

Create extra space and add a touch of elegance with a vintage linen box or a luxurious leather ottoman that doubles as a linen chest.


Photo: Michael D Beckwith, Unsplash


The Pigeonhole Cabinet

Add a rustic touch and extra room to store your belongings in your bedroom and possibly its work and desk area with a decorative and modern take on the pigeonhole cabinet.


Photo: Vadim Sherbakov, Unsplash



Feature Image: Benjamin Voros, Unsplash