Modern Nursery Ideas

It is easy to get stuck in the pink is for girls, blue is for boys and yellow is gender neutral thought process when the time to decorate your baby’s nursery arrives.

Over the past few years, grey has become a popular colour choice for nurseries, creating an easy space to furnish and decorate. Additionally, choosing a vibrant colour or playful design for the ceiling and walls is also a great design idea as it will give your baby something constant to interact with.

Try and choose furniture pieces that would seamlessly blend in a teenager’s bedroom as well as work in a nursery. These pieces should modernise the nursery space and later on add warmth and character to the room. Take a look at these nursery design ideas by a few local baby décor experts.


Little Interiors



Baby Belle



Simply Child



Clever Little Monkey



Phlo Studio



Featured Image: Phlo Studio