The Luxury Bed

The basic comforts of a bedroom like your linen, flooring and the type of mattress you sleep on can often be overlooked when decorating the space. So, we did some research and made a list of the best mattresses on the market right now.

Vencasa, The Sleep Experts, recently opened 2 brand-new stores in Kramerville and Brooklyn, Gauteng where they unveiled their well-stocked and decked out showrooms.  Vencasa showcases mattresses, headboards, bases and frames, side tables, lamps, occasional furniture, ottomans, linen, pillows and luxurious bedroom accessories. Take a look at a few of their must-have luxury beds below.


Tempur Cloud (blue)

Designed for a softer feel, Tempur Cloud Blue offers an innovative balance of extra softness and mattress support that conforms to the shape and weight of your body. In addition to the mattresses’ tailored cover and bright trim, it features motion absorption and can be used on an adjustable bed base.


Tempur Original (orange)

The Tempur Original Mattress provides comfort and support for the whole body with its relieving firmer feel.


Tempur Sensation (yellow)

With the feel of a traditional spring mattress the Tempur Sensation mattress is designed for ease of movement. Its dynamic support technology, supports the body lightly allowing you to move about easily



Magniflex Magnigel

Made with Magnigel Foam, a highly breathable, flexible gel, this innovative mattress is ecological, crushproof, and its high-density structure makes it incredibly soft and comfortable.


Magniflex Stretch

Designed in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza in Spain, this unique patented-system mattress, stretches your spine as you sleep, reducing muscular contractions and soothing.


Magniflex Dolce Vita

This mattress features Innovative Dual Core Technology allowing two people to sleep on the same mattress and have a different feel on each side. Levels can also be adjusted by unzipping the mattress cover and flipping either of the two inside cores.



Sealy Vencasa Signature Collection

The Sealy Vencasa Signature Collection is made with bamboo and pure new wool that is cool in summer, warm in winter and possesses antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities.


Images: Supplied