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Officine Gullo luxury artisal kitchens

Officine Gullo is a pinnacle of Italian excellence as a producer of luxury metal kitchens, professional cooking appliances and kitchen accessories

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Today, Officine Gullo owns single-brand showrooms in major international cities and design capitals including: Florence, Milan, London, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Cape Town and Lagos.

The Florentine company is imbued with artisanal and technological innovation, creating exclusively with noble metals such as brass, copper and steel according to traditional Florentine craftsmanship. The result is a harmonious aesthetic between the classic and the contemporary, the most authentic expression of a great artisanal culture. In every Officine Gullo kitchen, all the cooking and refrigeration elements are capable of professional performance, made according to the principles of domestic ergonomics, that can be used at home on a daily basis in maximum comfort.

Officine Gullo by Joas Souza Photographer

Tailor-made kitchens fit for chefs resulting from a quest for harmony between craftsmanship, tradition and new technologies

For Officine Gullo, picturing a space in which to cook and socialize means placing the customer’s wishes at the heart of the project.

Exclusive decor elements are borne out of the expertise of the company’s technical office, which interprets the future owner’s culinary routines and desires.

Every detail, even the height of the counters, is calibrated according to the measurements of the person who will use the kitchen on a daily basis. A tailor-made kitchen is the outcome, made to measure and meeting unique requirements.

Every kitchen by Officine Gullo can be fully personalized in terms of composition, dimensions, colours and finishes. Only the finest materials are used, such as thick stainless steel, burnished copper, cast iron and forged metal, while the extensive range of professional cooking accessories that equip the built-in hobs and ranges vaunt next-generation technology.

Every Officine Gullo creation derives from in-depth conversations with the customer and intense study of the space where the kitchen will be installed. This made-to-measure research ensures that the future kitchen resembles a perfectly tailored suit.

This process is what makes Officine Gullo unique. Beyond signature traits and styles, every kitchen is different because each creation reflects its owner’s lifestyle and embraces his or her wishes.

The legacy of Florentine metalworking traditions

To grasp the true value of an Officine Gullo kitchen, it’s essential to understand the workroom where ideas take shape. It all begins with the design, examined in detail with the customer until perfection is achieved and all requirements are met. Once the plans are approved, the designs are handed to the workroom to take shape.

For Officine Gullo, details are essential. Everything is crafted by hand, piece by piece, shaping solid brass on lathes, engraving fine metal panels and chiselling each single bƒrass element. When all the components are ready, the kitchen is assembled in a raw state to evaluate the perfection of the sum total. This is a fundamental stage in the kitchen creation as it enables our technicians to check the precision of the ensemble of the units and the design’s overall harmony. The kitchen is dismantled for the final phase, finishing and painting of the metals, allowing the final configuration to take shape. The meticulous work by master craftspeople ensures that your kitchen will become a unique and unparalleled creation down to the minutest detail.

Restaurant at home

There’s a value that underpins everything Officine Gullo does: to make people feel capable of cooking like chefs in the comfort of their own home. All the cooking elements achieve professional performance but are crafted according to the principles of home ergonomics: for comfortable daily use at home. Because of their design, non-professional cooks can fully use all the available functions. Lastly, upkeep and cleaning of the elements (which can be washed separately in the dishwasher) have been simplified due to the special removable and recess system.

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