An Oasis in a basket


Words by Vine Lucas


Styling plants in aesthetically pleasing baskets has become a fresh interior décor trend. Apart from it creating a beautiful living space, it serves other purposes such as purifying air and improving your health. It transforms your living space into a green oasis.

Examples of this new green oasis trend can be found anywhere, in malls, coffee shops and even your friend’s homes. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed, all you need is to scroll through your Instagram feed and you will be bombarded with vibrant ideas for a greener life. Plants play a decorative role in our lives not only in our gardens, but also in our living spaces.


Photograph: Lizzie, Unsplash


There are various types of baskets you can use of for your indoor plants. Rustic hand woven baskets made from sustainable material such as dried plant leaves, a coiled basket, plaited basket, ribbed basket, sea grass wicker baskets, woven baskets and many more. Whether you are an expert at interior decorating or not, there are no right or wrongs when it comes to you having fun and expressing yourself within your living space.

Play around with grouping different textured and different sized baskets. When choosing the perfect basket keep the size of the plant in mind. If you are looking to plant a small succulent you should choose a small basket. Once you have chosen your basket and picked out your plant, display your plant wherever you like in your home.


Photograph: Zachery Staines


Create a small area on a bookshelf or pick a windowsill where you place small baskets of succulents and display them along side one another you could also display a basket with a plant nested inside it on a bookshelf, a bar stool or a side table.

It is important not to forget your plant needs natural lighting as well as the correct amount of water and nutrients. When it comes to large baskets which nest tall trees, they are easier to maintain as they reach direct sunlight.

Prune your plant on a regular basis. This will keep unwanted bugs at bay and allow for a fuller growth. If you are a busy career driven person, forgetful or basically just terrible at keeping alive, choose plants that are easy to care for. These include the Aloe, Spider Plant, English Ivy, Jade Plant, or a Peace Lily.

Photograph: Toa Heftiba




Featured Image: Daniel Hjalmarsson