Modern Living Room Ideas


Intro By Emily Senior, House & Garden UK

To create a modern living room you don’t need to have a home built in the last century or be slavish to a palette of pale colours – the best modern living room ideas have a simplicity which is balanced by a dash of coziness, wit and character; meaning that old furniture, strong colours, layers of pattern and antiques are all very welcome to the party.

Long gone are the days of stripping old houses of their original features – celebrate what your architecture has to offer and let it breathe. Restore and reinterpret is the mood we’re championing right now. Here are some of our favourite modern living room ideas that are designed not to date.


Consider modernising your living room with floor-to-ceiling windows in your living room. Consider the interior of this living room with sea views designed by Lee Moon Interiors.

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Add a rustic yet modern touch to your living room with a sofa or chair with a bold pattern design like this piece from Weylandts Tuareg Collection.


Using a rug with a contemporary style or a striking rug with an intricate and bold design or a bright colour is a simple way to add a modern touch to your living room.


A bespoke floor lamp or light pendants with a modern design can be a focal point and add character to your modern living room.


Featured Image: Hannah Busing, Unsplash