The Perfect Scatter Cushion

Scatter cushions are comfort and décor essentials that can be used in every living area of your home. However, using too many on your bed or sofa can look awkward and uninviting, which is the direct opposite feeling scatter cushions should create, and it can also be quite uncomfortable. When it comes to cushion designs, it is important to consider the size of the cushion in comparison to the seat or bed you plan to place it on.

When it comes to colour, plainer colours like beige, white and other pastel shades work just as well as cushions with vibrant prints and shocking colours. Luxuriously soft textures and materials are also definitely to be considered when picking out the perfect scatter cushion.  Here are a few scatter cushion designs and setups to inspire a few decorative ideas for your home.

Half & Half Designs



Vibrant Colour



Modern Prints



Floral Designs


Puff and buttons. Some new techniques taught and perfected.

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Luxury Linen


Sage Linen…..simple, soft, serene 🍃

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Faux Fur







Featured Image: Hutomo Abrianto, Unsplash