Wild Wallpapers

Spring is gradually gathering more steam and the season calls for renewal and a fresh look. What better way to liven up your interior than by updating the wallpaper, and revitalise your home for spring?

Halogen International, leading distributor of fabrics and wallcoverings of many top international fabric houses, has a vast collection of vibrant wallpapers, guaranteed to give your home a whole new look, without too much effort.

We’ve chosen our favourites to give you some inspiration for your spring cleaning.

Although these aren’t wallpapers, the fabric is stunning and a part of Halogen International’s new spring collection.


From their new ‘Kendi’ collection – inspired by contemporary Scandinavian influences – Saleem Dove and Tayla Onyx have rustic charm and muted tones giving them a sophisticated feel.

Deco Jade

From Kai’s new collection ‘Plush’, Deco Jade is a smart mottled plain fabric rich in colour and texture, perfect for the modern home.

Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin aims to bring together style, elegance and comfort with an element of escapism from ‘everyday life’. Their eclectic influences from all over the world are fused together to create cohesive interior spaces that offer escape.

Two by Two

From their new collection ‘Holly Frean’, Two by Two is a postcard layout featuring 55 pairs of different animals all taken from artist Holly Frean’s handpainted artwork. Also available in a highly colourful version, this wallpaper is perfect for adults and children alike.


This contemporary wallpaper, featuring works of modern art set on a soft stria background, is fantastic for feature walls, hallways, stairs and landings and certainly not for the faint-hearted, with its bold patterning.

Renowned for their innovative, luminous and high-quality products, Casadeco aims to create a modern, vibrant atmosphere with its range of products for walls and windows, focusing on original and dream-like collections.


This aptly named collection is saturated in flowers and watercolours, creating a soft, romantic atmosphere reminiscent of the little country ambience that comes with spring.

So Wall 2

Walls are turned into artworks with this collection. From brushstrokes to natural wood, from portraits to face brick, So Wall 2 is bold, vibrant and something different to feast your eyes upon.

York Wallcoverings
With a passion for creating entirely special wallpapers, York offers over 15 000 current wallpapers. For a wallpaper the incorporates specialty materials and effects, such as Swarovski Crystals, flocked fibres, glitter and bead embellishments, York is the best place to look.

Black & White

So versatile it could be a black and white zebra, or a black tie affair. Elegant, formal and prestigious, this design takes your space from run-of-the-mill to regal.

All wallpapers available from Halogen International here or create your own custom wallpaper printing.