Today, with abundant delight, I passed on my 2018 winter coat, because I refused to need its symbolic mantle of winter inversion any more. It was a great coat. I loved it, wore it nonstop around the house, around town, formally, informally, for five months. But as the sun came up this morning, particularly crisp and determined to bust out a new season, I thought it was time to adjust and embrace change, and for the first time in a while I’m relishing the prospect of six months of sky-rocketing Celsius. 

Summer is the most affirming life force and, because it’s important to be in touch with that, we thought a how-to-do-summer manifesto would be a useful kicker feature to the season. What to do, where to go, how to do it, with what, and why were the questions Piet Smedy set out to answer for you over a very sassy and newsy 10 pages, which marks the first of our special lifestyle reports we will be bringing you over the next few months.

As an antidote to that energy, the homes featured in this issue were chosen for their knocked-back interior tones. Tan is one of my favourite colours to decorate with and, used along with white and black, is classic. Good tan leather is sublime, but what about tan, indigo and grey? That’s the opening mood of The Edit, and makes the point that sunny but not blazing is the aim. And far from looking washed out, I feel the variety of character you can achieve with neutrals using interesting finishes and natural materials in chic, imaginative ways is more alluring, especially in the open spaces of sun-drenched houses. And I’m not saying big houses, because one of the sexiest and cleverest spaces in the issue, Baby Grand (page 72), is remarkably small. An exception to the neutral, because we don’t all live in spaces infused with balmy light, is the very directional Mondrian-esque palette that we unpack for you in two ways for two budgets in Stylish.

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