20 Years Of Condé Nast House & Garden SA


Anniversaries are opportunities to celebrate milestones in a cork-popping, congratulatory way, but they are also opportunities, obligations even,  to recall the route in reaching the milestone. 

In Condé Nast House & Garden’s case the route from the first issue in May 1998 to the copy you have in your hands is about 25 000 pages of stellar recollections long. They were great pages that stand up today as strong as ever for their authoritative content, style, point of view, production quality, service and flair. We made that our mantra from day one and it’s still our mission today. 

Of course, things have changed, but before I go there, let me tell you what hasn’t changed. The loyal support of the local and international design industry’s star players. Stephen Falcke deserves a special shout-out at this point for his constant enthusiasm and generosity to CNHG for 20 years. It’s significant and fitting therefor that he has allowed us to publish a preview of his hot-off-the-press and long anticipated book, A World of Design, which launches on 8 May.  It’s a fat, heavy, glossy tome of his case studies which took several years to produce and perfect and I couldn’t be more honoured that we are there in another first with Stephen. 

What has changed is the landscape of lifestyle, decorating, design and architecture. I’m talking progress on more than a natural evolution scale because in these two decades we really started paying attention to the way we lived and what that looked like in Africa. Then the rest of the world started paying attention, and then, well… Black Panther. What we wanted to celebrate in the issue was the amazing decoration and adornment that is a signature of our continent. Ostrich eggs and porcupine quills were everything in 1998, now we want ‘Lala’ cabinets from Dokter and Misses. We have made passionate progress as makers and creators in SA in the last 20 years and it’s a proud moment to know that this milestone for the magazine is a celebration of showcasing that as it emerged and evolved and stood its ground.