95 Keerom Host Autumn Risotto Pop-Up

6 mani in cucina -Chefs Nicolo Rovarini, Giorgio Nava and Federico Rocca HR-edited

Chef-proprietor Giorgio Nava will collaborate with two young and talented Italian chefs from Milan for a 4 week Autumn Risotto Pop-Up at 95 Keerom Cape Town from April 9th to May 5th 2018.

With the creative assistance of Chefs Nicoló Rovarini and Federico Rocca, Chef Nava will create16 masterly prepared risotto dishes (four per night, changing weekly) in a variety of authentic and unique ways.

The classic risotto alla milanese with saffron, the equally famous Italian mushroom risotto, risotto with butternut and goats’ cheese, delicious asparagus risotto with prawns or crispy pancetta, and risotto with mascarpone and walnuts, are just some of the tasty gems on the menu.


Asparagus risotto close up HR-edited


Chef Giorgio Nava shared that the Autumn Risotto menu will include many local elements.

‘We will use many local ingredients such as asparagus, butternut, spinach, tomatoes, biltong, sea food, fresh cheeses, fresh mushrooms, fresh herbs, South African wine, South African olive oil, local vegetable and beef & chicken for stock’

Chef Nava is one of South Africa’s most successful chefs and restaurateurs. Born in Milan in 1964, Giorgio started out in the international flower trade, but soon realised his passion for food at the kitchen coalface working with some of the best Italian chefs.

He completed his training as a Certified Master Chef of Italian Cuisine and now owns three 95 restaurants including the original 95 Keerom in the city’s legal district, 95 at Parks in Constantia and 95 at Morgenster in Somerset West. His Carne Collection comprises the landmark Carne SA situated directly across from 95 Keerom, and Carne on Kloof in the vibrant Kloof Street precinct.

Soon, Chefs Nicoló Rovarini and Federico Rocca will be relocating to Cape Town to open up their own restaurant, Riva, adding to the list of impressive authentic Italian cuisine destinations in the city.


Photography: Zulé Vuuren