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Get Baked

Ready your rolling pins – these trends will be rising to the top in 2018

By Estee Kershoff | January 10, 2018 | Category Travel & Leisure


From freshly milled modern land grains making an appearance in baked goods at Tarte Tatin Bakery in the US and the revival of Middle Eastern flavours and baking techniques by London-based bakery Lily Vanilli, to an exotic tuber that is quite literally painting the town purple from Miami (where it oozes out of 24-carat-gold dusted doughnuts) to Manila, it seems that this year everyone will have their cake – and eat it, too.


1 Edible Decorations

“There’s going to be way more emphasis on the cake as an artistic expression, with painting onto cakes, digital edible art prints and the inventive use of chocolate and sugar art as decorative elements” reports Nikki Albertyn and Karmen de Reuck, co-founders of LionHeart patisserie studio.



2 Viennoise Pastry

Cape Town’s favourite baker, Jason Lilly,  will continue to experiment with viennoise pastry, specifically croissant dough, at his new bakery in Green Point. Expect to see more of his famed doughsants with wacky flavour combos, stuffed croissants and savoury doughnuts.




3 Bite-Sized

“It’s all about beautifully crafted small delights in innovative flavours and interesting textures,” says Jakob Bär Mogensen of gourmet cookie and pastry shop Leckerbaer in Copenhagen.   “It is about exciting the customer’s taste buds.”




4 Ube

Lending a vibrant hue and nutty flavour to baked goods, ube – a purple vegetable hailing from the Philippines – is 2018’s biggest craze. Pastry chef Miko Aspiras adds it to cookies and even bottled milk at Scout’s Honor and Le Petit Souffle in Manila.


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Break the Mould

Also look out for these pastry and baking trends:

1. Savoury macarons  – think chocolate and marmalade

2. Tahini – find it in everything from cakes to shakes

3. Alternative grains – try black rye for gingerbread or einkorn wheat for biscotti

4. Collabs – bakers and florists will be pooling their creativity for arresting floral decor on cakes

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