Gourmet croissants

Four amazing recipes to help you transform bakery croissants into something marvelous


Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Induction Hob is the key to creating sophisticated dishes in a flash

Easy Fish Recipe

A traditional Spanish paella recipe enhanced by the addition of home-made stock

A Gourmet Affaire

A gallery of images of our Gourmet Restaurant Awards 2017, in association with Discovery Vitality

Return to Greatness

Make the heart of the home a space to cook and socialise with friends without the fuss

Spot the Sugar

Be a 'grocery-shelf Sherlock' by learning to spot harmful sugars lurking in your grocery list

Flawless Fusion

Whirlpool combines beauty and brains in the AKZM 6560 IXL Fusion Oven

Gourmet Awards Winners

Gourmet, in association with Discovery Vitality, is proud to present the winners of the Gourmet Restaurant Awards 2017

Smart Chef

The intelligence to perfect, simpler cooking, is having the right tools
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