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The kitchen is the heart of the home; space where we cook and socialise and create memories with friends and family. The cooking process however, can sometimes feel like a chore rather than an enjoyable experience.

Leading major home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool is globally renowned for its innovative appliances, designed to improve and simplify the consumer experience. Proof of this mantra is the revolutionary JetChef microwave, which was created with the sole purpose of saving consumers time and to help make life easier in the kitchen. ‘We are acutely aware of the fact that most consumers are increasingly time-starved,’ says Michelle Morrick, Whirlpool’s Marketing and Communications Manager in South Africa. ‘We conducted extensive research and really listened to our consumers in the process of designing the JetChef. With a clear understanding of consumer needs we were able to deliver a product that truly make daily tasks enjoyable again.’ 

With built-in intelligent 6th SENSE technology that intuitively senses, adapts and controls the cooking process, the JetChef offers the results of a traditional oven but in a fraction of the time. This means anyone can cook like a professional chef. 

The revolutionary JetChef features an Assisted Chef Evolution function – an innovative text-assisted display stretching across 11 different food categories. It really takes the guess-work out of getting perfect cooking results. The microwave automatically selects and constantly adapts the energy level for consistent performance and perfect results every time, whatever the original temperature of your food (whether raw, frozen or fresh).

The unique 6th SENSE CRISP function for example, helps to produce perfectly crisp pizzas in just eight minutes and muffins in under 12 minutes.

‘We found that many of our consumers are becoming more health conscious. We’ve seen a big drive in consumers looking for kitchen appliances that can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle,’ says Morrick. Through the JetChef’s 6th SENSE STEAM function, special sensors ensure great tasting food while maintaining texture and nutritional value. Quick, healthy steam cooked meals are now easy to achieve through a specially designed steamer vessel and pre-programmed settings for potatoes, root vegetables, frozen vegetables and fish.

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