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Rich, Smooth And Luxurious

Luxury chocolate brand Lindt creates a sensational new range

By Amy Saunders | April 10, 2018 | Travel Leisure

Whether you’re considering it for a Mother’s Day gift or looking for a reason to treat yourself, chocolate is the ultimate gift of love and appreciation.

Lindt has launched a new and extravagantly delicious Fruit Sensation range, which will be available exclusively at Lindt Chocolate Boutiques, and one other retailer, from April 23rd 2018.

The lavishly decked out launch that included unique and delicious tasting experiences introduced the new selection of dark chocolate nibbles and their soft, fruity centres. The creations comprise of dark chocolate with a heart of three fruity fillings, based on fruit purée.



Lindt’s Head of Master Chocolatiers, Dimo Simatos, and his team, that created the incredible tasting experience for the launch, were on hand to give more detail about what goes into the bite-sized indulgences.

‘As you have seen, it is in a snacking portion. They are individual fruit jellies. There is no gelatin or anything like that to stabilise the fruit jellies, they are made with pectin as a base and they are coated with 47% cocoa dark chocolate. See we’ve got the sweetness that’s reset by the slight intensity of the cocoa.

‘We’ve created three flavours profiles, raspberry and cranberry, blueberry and acai, and the grapefruit and orange. We’ve produced jellies in the studio for you to dip into our chocolate and experience the new flavours from an animation point of view. We have also made macaroons with the same flavour to add to the experience.’


The new flavours include:

 Fruit Sensation Raspberry & Cranberry:

Beneath its dark chocolate outer layer lies a soft heart of intense notes of raspberry, married with the subtly acidic notes of cranberry.

Fruit Sensation Blueberry & Acai:

The sweetness of blueberry and the exoticism of acai combined to create an irresistibly tasty centre, enrobed by the finest Lindt dark chocolate.

Fruit Sensation Orange & Grapefruit:

Bitter and sweet pair up to create an irresistibly complex and intense fruity centre. The sweetness of orange is enhanced by the hint of acidity found in pink grapefruit and expertly completed by a Lindt dark chocolate casing.



Photography: Tracey Ché King

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