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The well-curated life of Swaady Martin

This multi-faceted entrepreneur, author, and founder of an African luxury tea brand is constantly evolving

By Gugu Mkhabela | April 17, 2018 | Category Travel & Leisure

Swaady Martin, the founder of  African luxury tea brand, Yswara, is more than just a savvy entrepreneur, she describes her spiritual journey as a never-ending book of marvel and has written a children’s book, Malaika and the Angel, which reflects on this journey. Swaady recently launched SHIFT WITHIN, a platform based on the premise that in order to make a difference in the outer world, you need to change your world within.

Image: Judd Van Rensburg

Who is Swaady and what does she stand for?

It’s impossible to put anyone in a box to describe who they are, as we are all so multi-faceted and constantly evolving. So I just live in the present, a happy, love-filled, soulful, healthy life, being whoever I am, wherever I am. I believe in the oneness of humanity. I love, therefore I am.


The one thing that turned my life around…

The death of my father. It made me realise how much of my life relied on the unconditional love of both my parents. His death made me face the mortality of my parental angels. Forced me to fully take responsibility of my happiness and be bold in pursuing what makes my soul beam with true serene joy.


I am currently working on…

Developing my new company ShiftWithin.Me and finding a publisher for my collection of spiritual tales for children, Malaika and the Angel. Shift Within is a platform offering courses, programs, workshops, retreats and gatherings with a selected group of extraordinary global changemakers in the field of mindfulness, holistic wellness, life coaching, embodiment, and neuroscience.


Special touches that make a house into a home?

A tea cabinet filled with fragrant teas from all corners of the world. Beautiful flowers and plants. Nature is healing and I see home as a rejuvenation sanctuary. Anything that recharges our tank or reminds us to recharge our tank helps create a home.


Image: Nora Wendel

Your trademark accessory is?

Rings. I love rings and have a collection of a few hundred. At the moment, I’m very fond of a set of rings with words that stand for how I want to show up in the world every day. Such as Blessed, Love, Peace on earth and one set with angel wings to honour the angels in our lives.


This winter you’re likely to spot me in/at…

I’ll be visiting family in New York, Bali, and France.


The best decision I ever made is…

Living my life according to me.


The book I could read over and over again is…

 Speak Peace in a World of Conflict by Marshall B. Rosenberg.


The chef I wish would cook for me once a week would be…

Simon Jongenotter. His food is the best and I fully resonate with his food philosophy. He is redefining the modern duty of a chef – being a translator of Mother Nature’s gifts into palatable and nourishing foods for humans. With a mixed background as a professional chef, qualified energy healing practitioner, and a big love for Mother Earth, Simon aims to empower all through food.


Image: Victor Dlamini


Who always gets it right in terms of design, art or fashion?

My mother. She is very cultured, well-travelled, knowledgeable on anything design, art and fashion related. She’s the quintessential trend spotter. She has a great eye for aesthetics in general.


South Africa’s best-kept secret is…

The Cradle of Humankind UNESCO World Heritage site, just 40 minutes outside of Johannesburg. In this 47 000-hectare site of rolling hills and valleys, researchers have discovered the most comprehensive evidence of the origins of humanity and its place in nature.  The land is deeply etched with the passage of time, fostering a place of inquiry and discovery – contemplation and reflection -inviting universal pilgrimage to restore our connection to nature and nurture our innermost selves.


I’m currently excited about…

I am excited by the organisation of Tounché, an annual conscious gathering committed to representing the diversity of the world, taking place at the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site. Tounché is a unique experience facilitating the shift within– awakening and nourishing our full potential – encouraging positive change in all aspects of our lives, and by extension, the world we share.


The one thing that will never go out of style is…



Learn more about ShiftWithin.Me at www. ShiftWithin.Me

To order Malaika and the Angel and additional resources and info visit

You can also book Swaady for speaking engagements at


Feature Image: Nora Wendel



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