Ritz Paris 10 000 piece auction


Since the Ritz Paris opened their doors in June 2016 after undergoing a 4 year renovation, they have appointed Artcurial to hold a five day auction held between the 17th and 21st of April 2018.

After the Ritz hotels inauguration in 1989, it is has become the embodiment of the elegant and luxurious French ‘art de vivre’ design. The iconic, warm and glittery style of has been admired and celebrated over the years by prominent industry icons.

About 10, 000 pieces from 3500 lots, each stamped with the prestigious Ritz Paris insignia, will be auctioned off. It took around 12 months for the Artcurial team inventory and catalogue antique pieces from the different rooms, 71 suites and other famous Ritz hotel features such as the Hemingway Bar.

The items include incredible art pieces, the first ever bath installed in the Ritz and 17th to 19th century French styled dressers, loveseats and chairs from rooms and suites. Detailed rugs and beautiful taffeta curtains from the south facing rooms of the hotel will also be auctioned.

Following the auction, the Ritz, Paris will hold an exhibition staged by a Parisian interior designer from Thursday the 12th to Monday the 16th of April 2018.

Featured Image: Ritz Paris