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7 inspiring and beautiful swimming pools we are loving this summer

Bright and sunny days are here spent lazying by the pool of course. We have gathered 7 beautifully designed swimming pools to draw some inspiration from

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By Yashna Balwanth | November 26, 2022 | Architecture

Warmer weather is finally here and we can embrace the outdoors full of sunshine and summer fun. Swimming pool areas are the perfect lounging spot to catch a tan, enjoy refreshing drinks or just hang out with friends and family. We have gathered a few of our favourite designed swimming pools to inspire you with your own space.

1. All About the Holiday Feels

This Plettenberg home offers a holiday mood all year round, Photograph: Elsa Young

2. Bring Some Glitz and

This Umhlanga home adds just enough pattern and personality to the pool space, Photograph: Elsa Young

3. Keep it

This Hamptons home is all about modern beauty and simple, sleek lines, Photograph: Nicole Franzen

4. Consider Nature as your Backdrop

South Africa is filled with beautiful landscapes that make the ideal backdrop to your swimming pool, Photograph: Greg Cox

5. Classic is Always in Season

Cobbled stone and white -washed walls keep the architecture and history of the home intact, Photograph: Warren Heath / Bureaux

6. Pool Decks are Perfect

Pool decks offer the ideal space for your lounge chairs and other outdoor furniture, Photograph: Greg Cox

7. The Ideal Indoor /

Homes are increasingly being designed with more of a semless flow from indoors to out, Photograph: Greg Cox