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House Tour: An Exclusive Look Inside a Camps Bay Villa Filled with Rooms With Breathtaking Views

This Cape Town home overlooking Bakoven is an ode to its surroundings and refined living

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By House & Garden South Africa | June 21, 2024 | Architecture

Designed to frame the cinematic views of the ocean and fynbos, this Bakoven home, nestled in the mountains, is a symphony of natural elements orchestrated in complete harmony between architecture and interior design. The home’s construction and orientation form part of the greater landscape around it, maximising the natural light coming in from the west, with an open flow between the outdoor and indoor areas.

Overlooking the serene mountainscapes of Cape Town, this Bakoven home exudes a holistic design approach, where the architecture and natural surroundings inspired the home’s interior.

Architect and owner of the home, Andre Uys of K/M2K Architecture + Interior Design, envisioned this space to be calming, relaxing and comfortable in every aspect of the design. ‘We really wanted a seamless and natural feeling to the home,’ Andre says. ‘There is a strong indoor and outdoor flow to the family spaces, where the home seems to spill out into nature, giving you that feeling that you are sitting alone on the mountain amongst the fynbos.’

With wrap-around ocean views, architect and homeowner Andre Uys wanted nature to be a part of and visible in all aspects of the home.

The sustained engagement with nature can be seen in the rhythmic use of materials, textures and design selections throughout the home. The colours of the fabric play off of the muted green and fynbos tones, while the wooden floors and sand tones are reminiscent of the vast mountainscapes. Being an avid gardener, Andre placed emphasis on the house being integrated within the environment, rather than taking up all the space or being completely isolated.

‘Many of the original homes in the Bakoven and Camps Bay areas were also nestled into the mountain,’ he says. ‘Unfortunately, many of those homes have been replaced with new ones that fill up the site to its maximum, all facing in one direction towards the ocean, with little or no garden. On the other hand, this home is designed to celebrate the scenery, while blocking views of other houses, signs and roads in all directions.’

Surrounded by immaculate views of the Atlantic Ocean and local flora, the home is perched in the most picturesque part of Cape Town.

As soon as you step in, you are greeted with both a direct and indirect experience of nature: large doors that open up to the outside pool area for seamless indoor to outdoor living as well as clerestory windows in the kitchen area for a constant, unspoiled view of the mountains.

Architect and homeowner Andre Uys wanted nature to be a part of and visible in all aspects of the home.

The home combines natural geometries with contemporary furniture and decor to strike a balance between modernism and Mother Nature — a pared-down approach that creates the perfect canvas to display the extensive collection of art, forming focal points and conversation starters in the process. Even though the open-plan layout provides an uninterrupted connection with nature, subtle barriers like columns, staircases and a raised level help separate the areas and define them, without compromising on the incredible afternoon light.

From street level, you can barely see the house because of the lush garden, a stone wall and the large door.

One of Andre’s favourite and most practical additions to the home is the gazebo at the end of the pool that functions as his office and studio space. ‘It was mandatory to work from home during the pandemic, so I wanted a space to allow me the luxury of having my work environment separate from my home environment,’ he elaborates. From street level, you can barely see the house because of the lush garden, a stone wall and the large door, but after entering through the narrow courtyard space, you are introduced to the biggest room in the home and your first coup d'œil of the sea and garden beyond — a spectacular view that never gets old.

Original words by Shai Rama.