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Bedroom Design Ideas From Our Favourite Luxury Hotels Around the World

The world’s most luxurious hotel rooms are all about comfort, here’s how to recreate it at home

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | February 16, 2024 | Design

Spending a few nights in a luxurious hotel room is one of life’s simple pleasures, steeped in luxury. Think back to settling in the throws of a king size bed after enveloping yourself in a lush terry cloth robe with a emblematic embroidered colophon on the lapel. But who is to say we cannot recreate this in our own bedrooms? From bespoke head boards to folding your linen like a hospitality professional, we’ve rounded up some of the world’s most beautiful luxury hotel rooms.

Mirrored Side Boards

Your bed accessories do not start at a headboard and end at two side tables. In this suite at the Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, located on the Amalfi Coast shows how adding necessary furnishings like mirrors and decor above the head board are perfect finishing touches for a beautiful bedroom. Not only does the addition of mirrors create a sense of depth within the corners of a bedroom, but invites light to bounce off these surfaces for a unique lighting effect.

The Caruso, A Belmond Hotel in Amalfi, Italy. Photography by Mattia Aquila.

Matching Headboards and Skirting

Having a corresponding headboard and storage bench is one way to tie an entire bedding design together. But matching your headboard with your bed’s skirting is the kind of detail we’d introduce in a beautifully-designed hotel suite. As seen in this suite at Villa Margherita in Italy, if you find you have excess fabric after getting a headboard upholstered, tie your bedding ensemble together with a matching bed skirt.

Villa Margharita

Monochromatic Colour Palette

The paired-back palette of the Hyacinth Bedroom at the Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons in the United Kingdom shows us how a colour palette creates the overall mood of our bedrooms. This calming colour combination of pale blue and off-white is carried consistently through contrasting patterns and textures without feeling too overwhelming.

he Hyacinth Bedroom at the Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons in the United Kingdom. Photography by Mattia Aquila.

Bring the Outside in with Tall Plants

If your bedroom overlooks a peaceful garden like the master bedroom in Italy’s Cipriani Hotel, then consider bringing some of those plants into your space for an additional sense of natural tranquillity. The mixture of natural elements from an indoor plant and artwork filled with plants breaths fresh air into a space - especially with the help of an open window.

the master bedroom in Italy’s Belmond Cipriani. Photography by Mattia Aquila.

Go for Traditional Cottage Style Comfort

Small bedroom? No problem. To make create warm and cosy atmosphere in a tiny bedroom, tap traditonal design principles of quiant cottages. This bedroom at Belmond’s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons is a culmination of French vintage, shabby chic and rustic touches that make for a dreamy ‘cottage core’ bedroom. Look for gingham prints, quilts with dainty florals, and small curtains to hang on your windows to create a romantic and cosy bedroom.

Suite at Belmond’s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire, UK. Photography by Paul Wilkinson.

Hang Your Favourite Artwork Above Your Headboard

Eye-catching artworks or framed photos displayed above your headboard brings interest to the wall. Consider securely hanging up unconventional objects like baskets, plates, or a wall of hats (that cannot fall down while you sleep!) as a creative backsplash for your bedroom walls.

The Caruso, A Belmond Hotel in Amalfi, Italy. Photography by Mattia Aquila.