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Everything you need for the perfect braai area

If the warm, sunny weather we’ve recently been having doesn’t spur on a flurry of memories from family get-togethers with the smell of chlorine and sizzling meat wafting through the air - are you even South African?

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By Sacha van Niekerk | October 15, 2020 | Design

Picture: Pexels

With September being Heritage month and the summer holidays just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to get your outdoor area in tip-top shape before the season of braais really begins to pick up.

From stunning tiled patios to creative seating and trendy fire pits, these are the must-haves every braai area needs.

Fire pit


Having a built-in fire pit allows you the versatility that a braai stand doesn’t. Blending in seamlessly with the surrounding materials of brick or stone as well as your outdoor decor, a fire pit can be transformed into a grill for fire cooking. However, unlike braai stands, fire pits call for firewood, and preferably, some smokeless coal. No, you can go from toasting up after a day at the pool to simply huddling around the fire and keeping warm.

Creative outdoor seating


When it comes to home decor, it seems people forget that their garden can be an extension of their interior. From colour themes and patterns and material, gone are the days of settling for plastic loungers and robust wooden benches that clutter your garden. Instead, go for something visually stunning that blends in with the natural landscape of your garden or patio. From hanging seating to marame swings hanging from trees or even sleek built ins with cosy cushions, the options are endless.

Outdoor lighting


Whether it’s studded string lights or lanterns, lighting is a vital component of creating an inviting outdoor atmosphere. Adding warmth and coziness, even as the sun begins to set, it can have a huge impact on the entire look of your garden and patio. Pay attention to where you set the lights, and what kind of lighting you will use to brighten up your garden. There are plenty of functional lighting options available, you just need to find one that’s suitable for your exterior. If you’re strategic, outdoor lighting can highlight the features you already have as well as serve as a guide to visitors that leads them to your braai area as well as paths and walkways.

Outdoor rugs


To mimic the comfort level of the indoors, having a large rug near your braai area will make your space look and feel more homely. Whether you love geometric patterns or are a total romantic for florals, outdoor rugs tie together the overall space, bringing different decor elements together. Made from durable materials, they are also stain and fade resistant and come in a variety of colours and prints to fit the theme of your outdoor space.



If outdoor rugs aren’t your thing and you’d prefer something a little more durable and permanent, tiling is one of the most stunning outdoor decor trends to transform your braai area with. Not only are they super stylish and able to liven up dull spaces, they’re also functional too. Tiles are anti-slip and serve as a minimal maintenance material that can withstand all the scuffing, cinders ash that comes its way. From black and white Victorian tiles to colourful Moroccan themes in vivid shades of blue, yellow, orange and green, having a tiled braai area creates

Eating area

Half the fun of braaing is getting to eat outside and enjoying the fresh air and scenic surroundings. Make sure your braai area is equipped with enough seating options for all your hungry guests who don’t want to have to use their laps as a table. From wooden picnic sets to wrought iron, whatever your garden aesthetic may be, go with the style that best suits your outdoor decor and home-feel.

Bluetooth speakers

Having a portable Bluetooth speaker to jam out whilst braaing adds ambience and atmosphere to your evenings making it about more than just the food. Small in size, but not subtle in sound, these portable speakers go where you go and yield clean and precise sound even at high volumes.