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How to Achieve the Dopamine Decor Trend for Happiness in Your Home

If you like bold colours and fun prints, dopamine decor should be your new interior design aesthetic for a happy home

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By House & Garden South Africa | October 10, 2023 | Design

Every week it seems interior decor enthusiasts are swapping their neutral colours — beige, cream, and white —for bolder and punchier colours and patterns. The “Dopamine Decor” hashtag on TikTok currently has over 60 million views as homes become more of a reflection of our inner worlds and audacious personal tastes.

Ultimately, dopamine decor is all about accenting your home with colour and fun objects that simply make you happy. Yes this is a trend that leans on bold and punchy colours, but you don’t have to go overboard. Dopamine decor is all about how the spaces make you feel, and there are many ways to achieve this happy aesthetic in your home.

Create a space of colour and fun

Lovers of the dopamine decor (or dopamine design) trend have a lot of fun both creating their space, and living within their happy spaces. Creating spaces in your home that you are happy to show off and bring you joy is a cornerstone of this trend. Dopamine decor also lends itself to doing this a little unorthodox like a disco-themed bar cart and creating a plant wall using fake plants to bring low-maintenance greenery into your home.

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Playful lighting and wallpapers make a big difference

If you’re home’s lighting feels boring and dull, then introducing some fun lighting can brighten both your home and your mood. Pair your playful light features with a disco ball to create a whimsical, yet celebratory vibe to the space. The light in the room from new fittings, lamps, and a mirrored ball is sure to reflect your good mood and up your dopamine levels.

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Transform your home with bright paint

If you don’t want to transform an entire home or room with new wallpaper, furniture, or fresh wall paint, why not transform a single feature with a wash of bright paint. You can paint your skirting, window frames, fireplace, or your heater to bring a pop of colour. You would be surprised what painting one item a bright colour like yellow, bold blue, pink, or green can add to upgrade your space.