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Exploring Yael Akirav’s Conductive Origami

The industrial designer created an innovative lighting range using a fusion of 3D Printing and Origami

By Amy Saunders  | September 17, 2019 | Innovative

Yael Akirav is an industrial designer from Israel known for her innovative designs that include Bloomiez, an origami textile flower that attaches to a car exhaust pipe and collects small pollution particles, her chic and modern Se Turk tools designed for a Turkish coffee making ceremony and most recently, her incredible Conductive Origami Lighting.

Yael’s Conductive Origami Lighting project features a series of lighting fixtures she designed and produced using 3D printing and textiles. According to her super cute website, ‘stiff printing on canvas allows creating complex fixtures. When the printed material conducts electricity, the tangent points created by the wisdom of origami folding, produce a new opportunity - lighting the fixture by shrinking and stretching the structure.’

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