Innovative Island Home


Lund Hagem Architects, an urban design and architecture practice located in Norway’s capital, Oslo, designed and innovatively executed a luxury 4 bedroom get away home built, Cabin Lyngholmen, on a footprint of just 100 square meters.

The home, located on the remote Kristiansand island of Lyngholmen, Norway, was completed in 2011 and featured first in the third episode of Netflix’s incredible television series, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes.


Photography: Lund Hagem


Lund Hagem started up in 1990 and the firm is now managed by five partners that include, Svein Lund, Einar Hagem, Mette Røsbekk, Per Suul and Kristine Strøm-Gundersen

This secluded coastal home, which is only accessible by boat, is surrounded by blue waters, lush vegetation and lawns and has been built to relate to and preserve existing vegetation. According to the project’s profile, Cabin Lyngholmen’s roof is shaped like a bridge spanning the surrounding rocks in order to enhance the dialogue with the home’s landscape.


Photography: Lund Hagem



Additional features of the home include the generous views of the islands and various other parts of the property. The architects kept their material palette to a minimum using only white concrete, glass and ash. White concrete was used to execute the home’s roof in order for it to appear as a smooth and exposed continuous surface throughout, without the use of any additional exterior roofing materials.


Photography: Lund Hagem


Featured Image: Sergii Gulenok, Unsplash