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These Stylish Lights Beat the Load Shedding Blackouts

Stage six load shedding is here, so ditch the camper lamp and get yourself one of these stylish, portable lights that keep going when the power goes out

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By Piet Smedy | September 19, 2022 | Design

Winter means one thing for sure: more load shedding. Stage six load shedding. And while many homemakers have gone the inverter route (which can be a costly exercise), there are other options available, especially if you are renting or not ready to shell out just yet Luckily, lighting tech has come a long way, and we can thankfully forego the camper-style lights for something more stylish yet equally functional.

The mushroom-like ‘Obello’ lamp from Gubi, available at Crema Design

Energy Efficient and Off-The-Grid

Beat the blackouts with rechargeable, portable lights (you will have to make sure they are fully charged) or, for an added eco- and cost-friendly benefit, solar is the way to go. Sustainability also extends to the materials used in the production of the light, so opt for pieces in wood, bamboo and glass.

‘Sponge 20’ lamps from Moodmakers

Take It Outside

Dwindling daylight hours are the ideal opportunity to up your alfresco lighting game. Right on trend, solar-powered bulbs are an eco-friendly solution that is easy on your pocket while offering illumination even when the power is out (an added safety bonus), while LEDs are a low-cost, long-life lighting fixture worth investigating (especially when used in spotlights). Practicality aside, be sure to incorporate your outdoor lights into the landscape architecture of your garden – they are a simple, elegant way to add romance to even the simplest setups.

‘Bicoca’ lamp from Moodmakers

Where To Buy

‘Out of the darkness that load shedding cast upon South Africa sparked my idea to provide a stylish solution! As homes should remain stylish and liveable,’ says Bianca Bosch, founder of Moodmakers, a local lighting supplier that specialises in portable, energy efficient – and stylish – pieces. ‘As well as the benefit of it being eco friendly, considering some of these lights run 10-15 hours without having to be charged. Lift a space with a little touch of a light, just where it needs it. Create different levels of illumination, making a gaze around a room leisurely. Lighting is art.’

What To Buy

‘Bicoca’ lamp from Moodmakers


R6 300

This new colorful, lightweight portable lamp projects an intimate light that adds warmth to all your personal spaces. Made of polycarbonate, with a tiltable shade to direct the light. Bicoca is small, manageable, versatile, and autonomous. Accompanied by a micro USB charging cable, charging your Bicoca is made quick and easy.

‘Boletus’ lamp from Moodmakers


R1 050

A minimalistic design with a diffuse lampshade that provides 360-degree lighting. Compact and wireless, this portable lamp is perfect for balconies, patios, outdoor dining and pool side.

‘Nuru’ lamp from Moodmakers


R2 760

Nuru has clear design reference to the classic candlestick holder. The design has been updated with modern LED technology and a beautiful opalized shade to soften the light.

‘Strap To Go’ lamp from Moodmakers

Strap To Go

R2 250

The table lamp that can be taken anywhere. The distinctive handle has been created in wood and it has a built-in LED, which is charged via a USB port, making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, where the atmosphere can be changed with three different temperature settings for the light.

All lights are available at