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5 Great ways to feng shui your kitchen for positive energy

Here’s how to feng shui your kitchen - good lighting is key

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By Kauthar Gool | June 20, 2023 | Trends

The positioning of specific items in your kitchen and diverse aspects therein, such as lighting, can play a crucial role in the overall energy in the space. With many people spending more time in this room, especially in winter, we have the best tips to assist with the feng shui in your kitchen and the aesthetic of the place.

1. Good lighting

Be mindful of lighting in your kitchen, especially during winter when it’s rather gloomy outside. Soft lighting could work well and will help create a level of unparalleled relaxation and warmth in your space.

2. Keep the sink and stove separate

A beautiful kitchen with a lovely sink and stove separated. Image: Pexels

If possible, have your sink and stove separated within the kitchen to have a good flow of energy. While it may not be possible to do an entire reno to ensure these spaces are placed distinctly away from each other – it is something to consider should you be in the design phase of your space.

3. Diversify textures and cabinetry

Cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen. While it is certainly not necessary to have the most expensive cupboards in your space, ensuring that your cabinets are in good condition is advisable. Furthermore, incorporating different types of textures or having glass cabinets is a wonderful way to give your space a more inviting and ‘open’ feeling, illustrating that the kitchen is not closed off in any way.

4. Add bowls of fruit

Incorporating fruit bowls within your space is another fantastic way to add diverse hues therein. Additionally, fruit is also symbolic of good health and vitality within a home.

5. Keep it clean

Even smaller kitchen spaces look great when they are clean. Image: Pexels

Whether you have a big kitchen or a smaller space you’re working with, it is important to keep the space clean to ensure good energy flow and to holistically improve the aesthetic of the place.