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Colour opens new doors

A bright coat of paint for the front door adds impact and will bring satisfaction to the owner or pleasure to potential buyers

By The Washington Post | November 17, 2020 | Category

Picture: Unsplash

If you’re looking for a quick uplift to the exterior of your house, one you can accomplish yourself or hire someone to do in a day, adding a coat of paint to your front door provides a big impact at a small cost.

Whether you’re painting your front door for your own pleasure or to appeal to potential buyers, choosing the suitable colour to match your goals and to complement the rest of the house is essential.

We asked for advice from colour consultant Kristen Chuber. “I consider choosing the right colour for your front door to be particularly important when considering the design of a home,” says Chuber. “The perfect door colour can create a warm, ‘welcome home’ feeling that sets the tone for the overall experience the house provides.”

Some of Chuber’s tips for choosing front door colours include:

When in need of a spirit boost, use yellow: I love yellow for a front door when the homeowner’s goal is to boost the mood of anyone who sees the home, let alone enters it. Yellow adds a feeling of life to the house’s exterior. A yellow door works particularly well with façade colours like grey, light green, beige or white.

When elegance is a priority, use purple: A soft purple can add whimsy and polish to the exterior of a home. I think there’s something soothing and graceful about the colour when paired with white or cream.

When wanting a cosy feeling, use orange: I love burnt orange hues for an entrance, especially when its paired with cream and beige. I think it feels familiar and warm.

When wanting to make a subtle statement, use blue: I think rich blue is perfect for bungalows, craftsman-style homes and cottages. A cobalt blue works perfectly for the houses’ strong lines and deep porches.

When going for a modern approach, use green: I once heard a saying that goes, “You can’t please everyone; you’re not an avocado.” I take this to mean that the colour avocado, on a front door, which is particularly popular in modern design right now, will please everyone.

When looking for an unexpected neutral, us grey: When you think deep, elegant grey, you probably think of offices, dining rooms or shutters, but I love a classic grey for the front door.

When wanting to stick to the classics, use black: I love a black front door, especially when paired with a traditional brick home. It gives off a classic vibe and a refined tone.

When in need of a feminine flair, use blush: The colour is perfect for sweet summer homes, farmhouses and cottages. A soft pink also pairs nicely with white, pale yellow or green.

Written by Michele Lerner.