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How to decorate if you are renting

3 simple rental-friendly decor tips to transform a drab space

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By Gerry Cupido | January 22, 2021 | Trends

Picture: Unsplash

When watching home makeover shows where interior designers transform rundown or dated homes into fabulous modern living spaces, it always leaves one inspired to make some improvements to your own home.

Unlike home owners, people living in a rental house or apartment are not able to make major changes to their spaces.

If you find yourself in a flat that hasn’t had an interior update since the 70s, there isn’t much you can do but plead with your landlord to make the changes.

Most of the time that doesn’t help and you’re pretty much stuck with what you’ve signed for.

There are those landlords who are open to their tenants making small changes, like changing wall colours or knocking in a few holes, as long as you pay for it yourself.

Now some folk don’t mind going the extra mile and happy to carry the cost to turn their rentals into a place that will reflect their own taste, but most people are not willing to do so to a place that’s temporary and that will only benefit the owner in the long run.

So how do you add your personal touch to a place without breaking the bank or losing your deposit?

Here are three decor ideas on how to upgrade your space.

Cover up with rugs

If you find yourself stuck with nasty brown carpets that haven’t been changed since the 60s the best thing to do is simply cover it up.

Invest in beautiful big rugs and smaller mats for layering.

A colourful rug instantly transforms a room.

Look after your rugs and you will have a flooring solution no matter what space you find yourself in.

No-paint-needed wall transformations

If you don’t want to incur the cost of having the stark white or drab beige walls in your apartment re-painted then opt for removable wallpaper, large art pieces or fabrics and tapestries.

Add a touch of nature

More often than not apartment living doesn’t come with the small joy of gardening but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a garden-like feel in your space.

Indoor plants bring a touch of nature to, what can often be dull and dreary spaces.

Whether it be small succulents or large jungle inspired plants, they inject life and character to your apartment.

If treated well, your plants can move with you when you leave.