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Look out for the new and beautiful capsule collection that's 100% local

Bespoke designer Dark Horse has put together a beautifully bold capsule collection to be available in @home stores. Co-founder Jarrad Nelson shares more with us

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By Yashna Balwanth | November 2, 2022 | Trends

One of South Africa's leading design brands, Dark Horse, has created a capsule collection of designer furniture in collaboration with @Home and facilitated by Clout/SA. ‘Our design philosophy is about bringing people closer together, so with everything we do, we want to build memories through the use of our furniture and have those pieces available for the next generation as well. This is why we use hard-wearing materials that can last this generation and the next,’ says Jarrad Nelson, co-founder of Dark Horse.

A close up of the Dark Horse leather couch available from @home stores, Image courtesy of Jarrad Nelson

A proud moment for Jarrad is the positive direction for local production and local material they have taken at Dark Horse. Sustainability is key, and when local production is prioritised, the economy reaps the benefits of this. ‘When you buy a local product, there is a trickle-down effect. The money you spend goes back into the economy in varied ways, and all the people who contribute to making the product get the benefit of that amount. You are truly stimulating the local economy,’ says Jarrad.

Jarrad, who co-founded the furniture design brand with his wife, Lise, 11 years ago from their small Cape Town apartment, have grown the business over time into a space with its own warehouse premises and creates employment for an ever-growing number of people.

‘The collab with @home is quite an exciting story. We have worked with CloutSA previously, and their team knew our look and feel and what we are capable of. They included us in a presentation to @home to say, ‘if you want to go on a journey of local design, these guys should be a part of that conversation,’ says Jarrad. This local inclusion has such a positive impact on our growth as a country and a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Customers can shop the capsule collection of five signature pieces which include their Saville chair, 3-seater Boss couch and armchair as well as the Oso and Rosso dining chairs. All items are designed from leather and steel, reflecting the brand’s bold yet refined design aesthetic. This beautiful collab of designer furniture pieces from Dark Horse is available exclusively at @home stores nationwide. Be sure to shop them below.

The Oso dining chair is also part of the capsule collection for Dark Horse, Image courtesy of Jarrad Nelson