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9 places to vacuum in your home

Do you vacuum every corner when cleaning your house? There are a few areas that need to see the vacuum cleaner more regularly

By Nneka Jonas | September 17, 2020 | Diy

Picture: Unsplash

With the following checklist, you can be sure your home is clean and remains dust-free.

Bottom of the shoe cupboard

You often bring in the dirt on your shoes which then settles at the bottom of your wardrobe or shoe cupboard. For a clean place to store your footwear, vacuum here more often.

Your mattress

We spend hours on our mattresses but we often forget to clean them. A vacuum cleaner will help reduce dust mites. Make sure you turn your mattress over regularly and vacuum both sides.

Brooms and dusters

Dusters and brooms need to be cleaned from time to time. By using the vacuum cleaner on the bristles of brooms, you avoid spreading more dust when sweeping.

Air and ventilation grilles

Ventilation grilles are necessary in a home, but they also attract dust. To ensure a clean airflow, vacuum them from time to time.

TV or PC sound boxes

Speakers also need a clean now and then. This helps electronic systems last longer. To prevent damage, make sure the setting on the vacuum cleaner is not too high.

Laptop or computer keyboards

Sometimes we eat in front of our screens which can leave our keyboards dirty. Dust and crumbs can collect in the grooves. A vacuum cleaner makes cleaning these areas easy.

Window sills and frames

Window sills are often a favourite place for pets to sleep and some people have plants or decorations in front of their windows. All of this may contribute to window sills becoming dirty. Use the small brush of your vacuum cleaner to clean your window sill.

Kitchen and wardrobe drawers

Drawers are dust catchers. To keep the items you store there clean, you need to vacuum the bottoms of your drawers. This is also a good opportunity to sort the contents.


The best and easiest way to clean curtains is to use a vacuum cleaner. This prevents spreading the dust from your curtains all over the house. It’s a good method for cleaning almost all types of window coverings, including blinds.