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How to set up a functional workspace at home

Although we've been working remotely for more than a year, many people still find it difficult to set up a functional workspace at home

By Vuyolwethu Fundam | June 28, 2021 | Diy

Picture: Unsplash

According to Kim Williams, an interior designer and human behavioural specialist, we need to consider three points before setting up our workspaces:

Consider who you will be sharing space with, the invisible factors of shared space such as ambient noise from other people in the house, and how you feel in that specific space.

Setting up your home workspace in a practical way can contribute positively to your productivity.

Studies also confirm that people who work in organised and clean spaces were more productive and creative.

Below, Williams shares tips on how you can optimise your space to live, play and work better.

Organise your space

The way you arrange your home will have a direct impact on its functionality. The way you organise your space will also differ, depending on what you need that space to be at different times of the day.

Keep your space neat

Set it out every morning and take it down every evening, to solidify the feeling of the beginning and end of your workday.

Evaluate and reflect

According to Williams, there's a link between our mindsets and the spaces around us. Consider how your workspace helps your productivity, or how you experienced a specific area, and adjust accordingly.

Set clear boundaries for your family

Set some clear limits for who gets which space, at what time, for your family. For example, if you work in the bedroom, not allowing kids in that space until after office hours can be an option.

Make the environment an attractive space to be in

Play music, put flowers and natural elements inside, or even use different ornaments in your office. That can assist to create a positive atmosphere and, in turn, increase your productivity.

Set the tone

Studies have shown that light and temperature have a massive impact on our mood. Set up your space where you can preferably look out of a window. Williams says this has a significantly positive influence on your sense of well-being.