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How you can protect the precious wood of doors and windows during winter

Top tips to ensure you protect your windows and doors during the rainy season

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By Edwain Steenkamp  | June 27, 2023 | Diy

Now that we’re feeling the full force of winter – and the unusually heavy rains that have come with it – you’ve no doubt become worried about the effects of the excess water on the wood of your windows and doors. But fear not, with a quick bit of DIY work, you can protect the precious material while keeping the integrity of its functionality intact. Here’s what to do.

Make sure wood is protected and functional for seasons to come. Image: by Peter Boccia via Unsplash

The groundwork

Before you get started, it’s important to inspect your window frames and doors carefully to identify any cracks, scratches, or areas on the wood that are compromised. These are the spots where moisture loves to pull into, causing the wood to swell, and potentially rot. If any spots like this exist, you’re going to want sand them down slightly to create a clean and dry area to work with, and then do sealing with weatherstripping or a bit of caulk.

The hard worker

If the area is worn down from past seasons, you’re going to want to seal the entire surface of the wood with a protective finish, such as varnish. Pick a sunny day (they might be rare these days, so be on the lookout!), and sand the wood down to remove any old varnish. Make sure the wood is dry and clean, and follow the instructions on the product to apply. Top tip: you can reapply periodically to ensure complete effectiveness.

Don’t forget the inside

Damage doesn’t only happen from the outside. If your home isn’t well ventilated, excess moisture and damp can cause damage to wood. Be sure your home is as ventilated and dry as possible.

Damage to wood can happen just as easily from the inside of your home. Be sure to keep this in mind during winter. Image: by Danielle Dolson via Unsplash

Always observe

Once the rains start up again, it’s important to monitor your windows and doors. Be on the lookout for areas where water and debris might build up around the wood. If this happens, you will have to look at ways of reworking the surrounding areas. Even with varnish, if water and debris accumulate and touches wood for prolonged periods of time, it will cause damage in the long run.