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Tips to Take the Stress Out of Selling Your Property

Industry experts share a few décor and marketing tips to help you get your home sale-ready

By Amy Saunders  | October 18, 2018 | Category

Selling your home can be a stressful time as the task requires a lot of planning, research and extra behind-the-scenes work.

You definitely need to get the best-selling price for your property in the current market and that can only be achieved by making sure you list your home with the right agent, ensuring that your home makes the perfect first impression to potential buyers and choosing to sell at the right time, among other things.

Interior designer Christo Koegelenberg and Petrick Fourie from Chas Everitt property group are currently working with Romney Park Luxury Apartments in Greenpoint. They have shared a few tips to help you get add value to your home and get it sale ready.


First Impressions Count

Make sure that outside of your home is clean, well-kept and that there are no visible cracks in the paint.

‘Even the front door can be a deciding factor when buying a home. The entrance to your home immediately sets the tone for the potential buyer when looking at the rest of the property. Keep it looking beautiful and you literally won’t be able to keep them from wanting to walk right in and see what else is looking that good,’ said Koegelenberg.

Having your home show-ready is also an important step. Make sure your living spaces are clean, beautiful and welcoming. Spruce things up with some vases of fresh-cut flowers and give your sales pitch an extra edge with the smell of baking biscuits or freshly brewed coffee.

Fourie added that knowing where your presale repairs need to be made is the place to start. He says that enlisting a professional service to do an inspection will help uncover any problems you may not be aware of. The inspection will put any concerns of potential buyers to rest about latent defects, and give them the assurance that there are no nasty surprises awaiting them.


Update Your Documents

Make sure your building plans are up to date and approved.

‘Many homeowners don’t realise how important this is, because if a potential buyer discovers that improvements were done off plan or not officially approved, it could mean a sale lost, as it could cause issues for the new homeowner further down the line, ‘said Fourie.


Sell at The Right Time

Exactly when in the year you sell your property might seem irrelevant but it can be an important factor to consider. Cape Town, for example, is known for having beautiful summers, and many homeowners are eager to move in during these wonderful warm months.  Another way to look at when is the right time to sell is to establish if it is a buyers or sellers’ market.

‘The Atlantic Seaboard has always been a top choice for investors and families seeking a cosmopolitan, seaside lifestyle. Residential sales in this area have been on a steady increase in numbers and value over the last 10 years,’ Fourie shared.


Do Your Research

When listing your property for sale, do your research and choose the right estate agent that knows the neighbourhood and has experience selling properties at the best price in that market. 

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