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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garden This Summer

Grab your friends and favourite picnic blanket to soak up summer in your garden

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By House & Garden South Africa | January 9, 2024 | Gardens

Whether plant parent to a collection of indoor plant babies, custodian to a large garden jostling with flower beds, or urbanite with a boutique balcony garden, get inspired and meet the world of gardening’s remarkable ambassadors, who share how to soak up summer in your garden.

Soul food

Private chef Ayabonga Gope. Photography by Adel Ferreira and Olivia Kensley.

As a private chef who entices the palates of discerning guests from around the world, Ayabonga Gope can be found cooking for family and friends.

“I spent part of my childhood in the Eastern Cape and we didn't have much,” says Gope. “Our neighbour owned a farm and I would tag along with him whenever he picked produce. realised then that we have everything we require, we just need to shift our mindset.”

Today, growing vegetables has added value to Ayabonga's community.

“We get to supply top restaurants and old age homes and provide meaningful employment to many people in the community,” he says.

Life force

Medical doctor, entrepreneur and yoga teacher Dr Anesu Mbivzo advocates for holistic health and mindfulness amidst a busy world - and when she’s not leading a wellness programme somewhere in the world, she has her hands in the soil.

Medical doctor, entrepreneur and yoga teacher Dr Anesu Mbivzo. Photography by Adel Ferreira and Olivia Kensley.

Born into what she calls a green-fingered family, she firmly believes in the vital role plants play in our wellbeing. I find that my heart is happiest when take moments to pause in nature. Being outside heals my soul,' she says. Anesu is endlessly fascinated with how much plants give to people. Not only do they purity the air, they also provide shelter and protection to a multitude of living creatures. Taking care of her plants is sacred to Anesu 'it feels like I'm part of something divine.

Keep Yourself Grounded

Radio host and comedian Angel Campey. Photography by Adel Ferreira and Olivia Kensley.

Radio host and comedian Angel Campey's love of gardening keeps her grounded. Angel’s screen writing work for acclaimed South African shows over the years has won her multiple SAFTAs, but after long days of speaking to people for a living. she prefers to talk to her plants.

For Angel, the magnetism is in nurturing a vulnerable, tiny seed and watching her plants grow. When garden, its my time. The solace find with my hands in the soil, nurturing growing things - and in the silence and sounds of nature, it centres me.' Angels devotion to gardening and growing food has extended into her niece's community. 'Not a leaf is left uneaten or unappreciated. She shares that her garden is the place where she can clear her head. 'It helps me to take a step back from my own whirlwind and reminds me what matters.