Q&A With The Flower Shop

Brooklyn Mall and Brooklyn Square are the go-to locations of luxury lifestyle and shopping for the locals residing in Pretoria’s cosmopolitan Embassy suburbs. The vibrant hub of activity in South Africa’s capital city boasts over 200 prestigious retailers leaving shoppers absolutely spoilt for choice with the very best luxuries and products. There is also a large assortment of restaurants and coffee bars that offer satisfying cuisine and gourmet treats.

In light of the exclusive and upcoming Orchids and Roses Fair set to take place at Brooklyn Mall, we caught up with Desiree Gastaldi of the chic, The Flower Shop located in Brooklyn Mall, for a quick yet insightful Q&A.


How long have you been in the flower industry?

21 Years


What is The Flower Shop’s speciality?

We have a large cut flower section and indoor pot plant section.  We dress patios and do flowers for functions.


3 care tips for orchids?

Feed regularly

Don’t over water

Keep out of draughts


Can you give us three tips on how to care for indoor roses?

Roses do not do well indoors.


Which are the most popular winter blooms that you sell?

Tulips, Sweetpeas, Roses & Lilies.


What is your favourite flower?




What do you enjoy most about working with flowers?

Working with flowers also allows you to meet many people and seeing the happiness that flowers bring to everyone.


For more floral inspiration, join us at the Orchids and Roses Fair where Condé Nast House and Garden’s Heidi Bertish, along with Halmar Taschner from Ludwig’s Roses and Christian Giesel of the Northern Gauteng Orchid Society, will share their insight on the craft of gardening.

At the event, guests will receive a gift bag that will include sought-after products and a complimentary copy of The Gourmet Cookbook, which retails at R420.00. Tickets to the Orchids and Roses Fair can be purchased below.

Date: 26 May 2018

Venue: Woolworths and Queenspark Court, Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria

Tickets: R150.00