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These indoor plants are the perfect choice for dark or dimly lit rooms

Look no further, these plants will thrive in even the darkest rooms

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By Edwain Steenkamp | June 13, 2023 | Gardens

There is simply nothing more disappointing when a beautiful indoor plant dies. More often than not, it might be due to a combination of sunlight and water that’s not properly balanced. But what do homemakers with small spaces and dark rooms do? The good news is that there are many indoor plants that will simply thrive in spaces like that. Here’s a list of some of the most popular indoor varieties that will flourish, even with little light.


That’s right! These famous creepers can thrive indoors too, and make for a beautiful option when placed in a hanging basket where their long vines can slowly grow towards the ground, making for a striking indoor visual.


These fat-leafed green beauties are a classic for a reason. They’re timeless, and can bring much-needed life to just about any space. Remember: because these leaves are glossy, dust shows very quickly. Be sure to give them regular wipe-downs.

Lucky Bamboo

These majestic stalky greens are beautiful in a simple vase, and need nothing but water to grow, making them perfect for no-fuss decorating (and for those homemakers who don’t necessarily have a green thumb),

Lucky Bamboos are tall, proud, and always beautiful. Image: by Elton Sipp via Unsplash

Peace Lily

These beauties might look frail, but they’re actually quite hardy in that they need very little maintenance and effort in order to thrive. What’s more, they have beautiful flowers that will add a touch of beauty to any space. Pro tip: to make your plant extra vibrant, add a few tablespoons of compost. A home-made compost mixture works wonders.

There’s a reason Peace Lily is always a crowd pleaser. It’s lush, green and has the most beautiful elegant flowers. Image by Maria Elizabeth via Unsplash

Rex Begonia

They may be a vintage-style variety, but you know what, some things just never go out of style. The leaves come in a range of spots, colours, splashes and as such are cheerful and interesting, adding a touch of personality to a room.

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