Smart Chef

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The intelligence to make cooking simpler – is having the right tools. With Whirlpool‘s revolutionary 6TH SENSE technology and intelligent product design, anyone can look like a professional chef.

‘We want our consumers to have the freedom to experiment in the kitchen without being concerned about getting the perfect result every time,’ says Michelle Morrick, Marketing and Communications Manager for Whirlpool South Africa. ‘Whirlpool’s smart 6TH SENSE technology takes the guess work out of the cooking process.’

Whirlpool’s new ACM 849/BA Induction Hob as an example, offers you clever, flexible, precise and simple to use design, that helps to put the joy back in the cooking experience. With the 6TH SENSE Induction Hob you have specific areas for warming, boiling, melting and simmering. Just one touch, and you can select the perfect cooking function and the hob will automatically adjust to the right power level allowing you to execute any recipe. The hob heats the pan, not the hob, and when a ferrous metallic pan is placed on the hob, an electromagnetic field passes through the ceramic glass top, heating the pan instantly and uniformly. 

Whirlpool 77cm Induction Hob ACM 849/BA

The Induction Hob saves time and energy. But best of all – it is really easy to clean thanks to the sheer, flat surface. Precise induction technology guarantees perfect control whether you are melting chocolate for a delectable dessert or sautéing onions for the perfect flavour infusion. 

The Induction Hob is extremely safe to use. The 6TH SENSE feature controls the cooking process, so you don’t have to watch your hob when boiling water. 6TH SENSE automatically controls the temperature and provides acoustic feedback when water reaches its boiling point. If the temperature gets too high, 6TH SENSE automatically turns off the plate, preventing water overflowing. It’s the best alternative to traditional gas or vitroceramic hobs in terms of energy efficiency and cooking time. 

Induction technology generates heat directly to the pan, in this way less than 10% of the energy used is lost to the surrounding atmosphere and 90% of the energy is used for cooking. ‘Nobody wants to spend hours and hours in the kitchen cooking. Induction technology is fast and efficient which ultimately ensures that consumers have more time to do the things that really matter – like spending more time with family and friends,’ concludes Morrick. 

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