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6 of the Most Searched Interior Design Aesthetics in the World

The most popular design trends are reflective of how different aesthetics can be both stylish and functional. Anything goes.

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By Palesa Kgasane | March 10, 2022 | Interiors

When it comes to coveting trends, it’s often best to consider what you like and whether it’s practical for your needs. Now more than ever, it’s important that our homes and places of work feel as good as they look - feng shui isn’t just a cool sounding phrase. The possibilities are boundless and if mixing aesthetics is more your speed then it’s helpful to know where to draw your inspiration from. These are the 6 most searched design trends in the world.

1. Bohemian

It comes as no surprise that Boho is right at the top of the list. This design trend is characterized by its eclectism, and laid-back sensibility. With Bohemian interior, one opts for pieces with character, creativity and colour. It is thus an open-ended aesthetic with few limits or rules, but, it can still be sophisticated or simple. Earthy tones, vivid patterns and bold accessories are the most common when decorating a Boho-inspired space.

Photograph: Greg Cox

2. French country

This trend is inspired by the homes in the French countryside and is popular because of its uncomplicated beauty and comfort. Modern iterations of this popular trend play on the vintage French-inspired decor while maintaining a clean, cohesive space that’s also cozy. Distressed finishings such as wood and stone are popular indoors, while muted tones, accessories that are bulbous and curved, floral patterns and soft hues on linen make the trend what it is.

Photograph: Supplied

3. Vintage

This is one of those trends that one has to indulge carefully, because although furniture and accessories from earlier periods are charming and rare, too much of it one room can look outdated or shabby. Vintage pieces can be elegant and nostalgic but the trick is to combine antiquities like vases, couches and tables with contemporary pieces. Popular periods for design include 1920s, 1940s and the 1970s.

Photograph: Greg Cox

4. Industrial

Industrial style design came about when old factories and warehouses in the USA were turned into apartments and lofts. It is characterized by open space, natural concrete finishings, wood, metal and monochrome interior in contemporary homes. Industrial design embraces simplicity, where form and function go hand in hand when it comes to furniture. The aesthetic is understated however, interesting textures and playing with neutral prints when decorating gives the trend a feeling of home.

Photograph: Supplied

5. Scandinavian

As far as interior decor goes, this trend has been coveted over and over in contemporary spaces and new homes. This is the most minimalistic of the design trends, best known for modern, modular furniture, clean lines and monochrome. The trend speaks to the idyllic sustainable future, buying less and making intentional design choices. Scandinavian design is not all black and white though, blending textures to create contrast and ornaments can add warmth and character.

Photograph: Supplied

6. Rustic

Modern rustic interior design embraces the natural look of materials; rugged, distressed and even weathered finishes that allow for imperfection. This style became popular in the 19th century as many families in the US moved from rural areas to the city. Rustic design often incorporates actual organic materials like wood, stone and plant materials, highlighting a closeness with nature even when inside. The colour palette includes but is not limited to hues of brown, dusty orange, off-white and green.

Photograph by Fransisco Nogueira