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6 ways to update your Airbnb’s décor

Now that the government has eased travel restrictions, many people are looking to Airbnb for affordable accommodation

By Lifestyle Reporter | September 18, 2020 | Interiors

Picture: Unsplash

Now is the perfect time to spruce up your place if you’re an Airbnb host.

When reinventing your Airbnb, it is important to put yourself in the place of the guest and ask: “What is needed to make their stay extra special?”

Small details can make a big difference. Here are some tips from Kizzie Stenslunde and Amelia Mariella Audinwood, interior designers from Wolfe & Hare interiors and gift shop in Chelsea Village in Cape Town:

An impression on arrival

Your guests have probably just had a long journey. Make sure they have all they need to make that first night totally relaxing.

Milk, fruit, luxury biscuits, and you could offer to put some basics in the fridge for a small fee. Include a bottle of wine with a handwritten welcome note (check if they drink alcohol and provide soft drink if they don’t).

These homely additions can make a huge difference and will encourage guests to return – and recommend you to others.

Home comforts

It is essential to have good quality linen and towels, and plenty of them. Plush and luxurious so they feel like they have never been used before.

White is ideal as it can be bleached. For bed linen, there is a fantastic new white linen on the market that has subtle and beautiful colour detail stitching – but it can be bleached without losing its colour. It’s ideal because it’s practical yet has that stylish detail.

Think about cosiness and comfort. Throws on the sofa for extra warmth in winter, and hot water bottles should the temperature plummet.

Supply a few board games and puzzles, books and magazines, and lots of information on the area, with things to do and places to eat. And a basket with beach towels or kikois if your property is close to the beach.


Don’t neglect the styling side of the decor. Buy inexpensive vases or ornaments which are still stylish, to make the place feel like home. These can be easily replaced if accidentally broken.

Guests prefer uncluttered spaces, so keep the rooms neutral with warm accents of colour. The accent colours can be brought in using cushions, paintings and blankets.

Accent colour used throughout the property can give the photos for your listing a consistent look and feel. A beautiful accent wall with wallpaper can also make a statement, and will add visual interest, texture and warmth.

Wall art

Art on the walls is a must. Nothing shouts bland and boring more than empty walls. Great art doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are stunning images available online that can be downloaded and printed in large format on many mediums. Include art of all sizes and styles to give a feeling of warmth and interest to every area.

Try to support local artists, and perhaps have a few products or artworks on display for guests to buy.

Welcoming aromas and nature

Fragrance can do wonders for a first impression, so use subtle room diffusers around the house, making the spaces smell fresh and inviting. Add fragrant plants near the entrance to stimulate the senses; natural perfumes are so welcoming.

Bring the outdoors inside to add life and energy to a room. Faux plants are a win because they are low maintenance. There are some beautiful faux silk flowers available that look so lifelike, your guests won’t even know they are fake.

Personal but professional

To make a lasting impression, your interiors should make a statement about who you are and should be slightly different to other properties. You want to stand out but not overwhelm your guests.