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An Expert-Led Guide to Choosing and Introducing Stunning Wallcoverings in Your Home

Wallcoverings can be an art piece within themselves, making them the perfect injection of colour, texture, and print

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By House & Garden | May 20, 2024 | Interiors

In this guide by Fromental, makers of luxurious wallcoverings, they advise you on how to decide and carry out your next wallpaper additions to your home.

Do consider the style and architecture of your space

Wallpaper designs range from historical to contemporary. Consider that some styles are more suited to say, a Victorian house and others to a 1960s apartment. Trying to re-create a historical look from a certain era in a space with very different architecture can look out of place. Leaf through your favourite design magazines to get inspiration!

A children’s bedroom features a playful wallpaper featuring juvenile-like drawings. Image courtesy of Asplund.

Do plan your scheme carefully

When renovating an entire space or just changing the wallcovering, consider what furniture may go in that room, and what other soft furnishings will sit along the wallcovering. That way you will ensure, like an outfit you are planning to wear, that all the elements work harmoniously together.

Do dare to be bold

Wallcoverings can transform a space, and going bold in pattern or colour, can be a tremendously good choice. It will give interest to the room for years to come and draw you in.

This Asian-inpsired wall covering is an unusual addition to a kitchen, adding an interest to the room for years to come and draw you in. Photography by Depasquale + Maffini.

Do consider larger patterns for smaller rooms

It seems counter intuitive, but a larger pattern, especially one with diagonal elements will seem to push the walls out more and give an impressive illusion of space.

A bold wallpaper adorns the boot rooom of Bayswater House designed by Studio Ashby and Giles Quarme. Photography by Brotherton Lock.

Don’t leave the ordering to the last minute

Although hanging the wallpaper is usually one of the last big decorating tasks in a project; hand-made wallcoverings an take a little while to make, so make sure you plan your timeline well and order the wallcovering well in advance to have it on site on time!

Don’t skimp on a good paperhanger

Most handmade wallcoverings require the hanging skills of an expert. Many a wallcovering has needed to be replaced after bad installation. Talk to the supplier and use a recommended hanger. They will have the skills and expertise to ensure a perfect finish.

In Modumela House there is a palpable harmony between Filipino and South African ways of life. Photography by Elsa Young.

Don’t rush through measuring the space

Custom wallcoverings are designed to fit the room perfectly with elements perfectly placed. The artworkers will make sure the design flows beautifully around the room. This can only be achieved if they receive all the correct measurements. One of the most important pieces of information is the wall height. This is measured from above the skirting to below the cornice. Getting this measurement wrong could mean a design falling short or being cut off!

Inspired by Australia’ Queensland coast, this bespoke turquoise island garden wallpaper was designed with legendary house de Gournay. Photography by Tim Salisbury.

You might also want to consider indicating the placement of larger pieces of furniture (a bed or a sideboard) or large artworks and mirrors if ordering a completely tailored paper as those elements can be taken into account when drawing up the rendering. If in doubt, paper hangers often offer this measuring service.

Don’t hesitate to ask the wallcovering house for advice!

They are passionate about what they do and will be happy to help you through the process, from initial idea all the way through the project.

The guest bedroom of this Westcliff home features a custom-made bed unit, Arrange Studio lamp, and wildlife-inspired wallpaper. Photography by Greg Cox.