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4 tricks and hacks to keep your bathroom warm during winter

Its winter, and going to the bathroom for a quick shower or bath can be intimidating because of the weather, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

By Staff Reporter | July 12, 2021 | Category

These simple tricks are effective and can make your daily trips to shower and bath warmer and fun.


1. Insulate any gaps If you do not have the latest energy-efficient windows installed, it is time to look for gaps in your bathroom windows.

With even the smallest gap in a window, cold air will enter the bathroom and warm air will leave.

So do an inventory of all the windows in your bathroom and ensure they are well sealed and insulated. Look at the edges of the window in particular.

You can also install removable, see-through plastic film over the entire window which does a great job of insulating.

2. Hang heavy blinds or curtains to add another layer of insulation.


A coat of paint in the right hues can definitely add the illusion of warmth in this area.

You could also hang some beautiful removable wallpaper to give the walls an attractive winter treatment.

And note: today there are wallpapers that can withstand all that bathroom steam.


Get thicker and plusher types of rugs that add a warm feeling.

Use one or more rugs, well taped down, so your feet never touch the cold floor.

Use warm colours or patterns to break the usual whites of bathrooms.


1. Showerheads can help. Look out for energy-efficient shower heads that will help build up warming steam but still conserve water.

2. Heated towel rails or stands are available at many home stores. Do get an electrician or plumber to install and do opt for the most energy-efficient one.

This is a pricey warming option but, oh for a toasty towel on a chilly winter’s day!

This article first appeared on IOL