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The 10 biggest global bathroom trends of 2021

Seeking solace in beautiful bathroom design inspiration? You’ll be intrigued to know what the major global bathroom trends are

By Vogue UK | August 5, 2021 | Bathroom

Tiny, but mightily functional, bathrooms are increasingly being viewed as places of refuge, calm and solitude. No longer the most overlooked room in the home, it’s a place where we go for a quiet soak in a tub, to reflect on the chaos of the day as we remove make-up, or to recharge under the meditative spray of a hot shower.

It makes sense then, that bathroom design is constantly evolving, with great care taken to turn these small spaces into pillars of luxury and pampering. From marble masterpieces to colour-soaked sanctuaries, there are myriad ways to elevate your bathroom above the every day. From tiles, to décor to tapware—the options are endless. But if you’re looking for some real numbers-based direction, new data from UK plumbing supplies site might do the trick.

Using Google search data and Instagram hashtags, PlumbNation has discovered the top 10 bathrooms trends for 2021. Keep scrolling to discover the top 10 most popular bathroom trends for 2021.

10. Contemporary bathroom

Annual search volume: 84,600

Search volume 2019-2020: 77,600

Year-on-year popularity change: 9.02%

9. Minimalist bathrooms

Annual search volume: 99,000

Search volume 2019-2020: 69,000

Year-on-year popularity change: 43.48%

Picture: Supplied

8. Black and white tile bathroom

Annual search volume: 165,200

Search volume 2019-2020: 117,100

Year-on-year popularity change: 41.08%

7. Bathroom carpet

Annual search volume: 229,500

Search volume 2019-2020: 169,100

Year-on-year popularity change: 35.72%

Picture: Supplied

6. LED lighting in bathroom

Annual search volume: 237,700

Search volume 2019-2020: 156,500

Year-on-year popularity change: 51.88%

5. Round bathroom mirrors

Annual search volume: 281,900

Search volume 2019-2020: 178,000

Year-on-year popularity change: 58.37%

Photo by Greg Cox

4. Black bathrooms

Annual search volume: 347,900

Search volume 2019-2020: 167,300

Year-on-year popularity change: 107.95%

3. Black and white bathroom

Annual search volume: 453,600

Search volume 2019-2020: 262,200

Year-on-year popularity change: 73.00%

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2. Terrazzo tiles

Annual search volume: 695,500

Search volume 2019-2020: 423,800

Year-on-year popularity change: 64.11%

1. Bathroom wallpaper

Annual search volume: 943,500

Search volume 2019-2020: 658,000

Year-on-year popularity change: 43.39%

Written by Yeong Sassall.

This article originally appeared on Vogue Living Australia.