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5 Products to Help You Sleep When You’re Anxious

From a chic weighted blanket to the perfectly crafted pillow, these bedroom additions could go a long way in helping you maintain healthy sleeping patterns

By Architectural Digest US | June 1, 2021 | Bedroom

Picture: Unsplash

If you’re like me right now, falling asleep at night has been an issue. (Seriously, I am really struggling.) And seeing how we’re currently in the middle of a virus-induced global pandemic, it’s all the more frustrating that sleep is stubbornly susceptible to the events impacting our psyches every day. It’s no secret that anxiety does for sleep what rain does to a parade—plans quickly become dashed due to external factors. While some view little sleep as a virtue, associating it with the industriousness of CEOs and world leaders, it’s been scientifically proven that getting healthy amounts of sleep (seven to eight hours) improves the chances of a longer life, all other factors excluded. In the troubling and uncertain times we are living through, sleep has perhaps never been more important. We’re hoping these five products help you achieve those recommended seven to eight hours of necessary sleep.

Wireless Charging Stones by Eggtronic

Everyone (myself included) is guilty of reaching for the stimulation of a smartphone when sleep cannot be found. And since our phones are typically charging on the nightstand next to our beds, the convenience of grabbing for them becomes too hard to pass up. But the blue glow from our phones goes a long way in exacerbating the problem. Enter the technology of Eggtronic, a new charging method that converts four options of stone (marble black, marble white, travertine, and lava) into cell phone chargers that can be placed away from your bed. Best of all is that the sleek design means that it is not an eyesore during the waking hours of the day.

41 Winks

Let it be known: Not all eye masks are created equal. And 41 Winks is testament to that creed. “Our eye masks are extra-plush pillows for your face,” says Olivia White, the founder of 41 Winks. “Designed in Brooklyn and sewn in Pennsylvania, our masks take up more space than the standard eye mask to block out all the light and ensure you get the extra wink of sleep you deserve.” While the mask allows you to get the sleep you need, 41 Winks’s cheeky phrases (such as Out of Office and Block Out the Haters) still give those around you a good dose of your sass.

Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake Up Light Therapy Lamp

Introducing healthy patterns goes a long way in helping us fall and stay asleep. With Philips’s most advanced lamp, built-in sensors measure your bedroom’s temperature, noise, light, and humidity levels. With that information, the lamp syncs the data with a smartphone app while suggesting ways to improve your space. The time appears in a purposely small point size, so that if you do happen to find yourself sleepless, the time of night will not be brightly shining in your face. Furthermore, the device can mimic a sunrise (ranging in intensity from bright white sunrise to a crisp Nordic morning) as well as the noises of nature at dawn.


A weighted blanket is one of those luxuries we don’t realize we need until we experience it. Yet a common issue with weighted blankets is that heat becomes trapped underneath, waking people who become too hot. The team at Bearaby went the extra mile to alleviate that problem. “We have created a hand-knit, sustainable, and plastic-free weighted blanket that delivers all the right benefits without harming our environment,” says Kathrin Hamm, CEO and founder of Bearaby. “We’re the only weighted blanket made without artificial fillers or synthetic fabrics, which allows our products to be highly breathable and solves the common problem of waking up hot under a weighted blanket.”

Pluto Pillow

Our shoes are customized to our body, so why shouldn’t our pillows be? These pillows are designed after users enter information such as height, weight, and sleeping preferences, data that is leveraged into something that fits your comfort. The easy-to-use questionnaire puzzles together all of the features that will help you maintain a healthy night's sleep.