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How to remodel your kitchen on a budget

A renovated kitchen is a good selling point - and it need not be expensive

By IOL | August 12, 2021 | Category

Picture: Pexels
Picture: Pexels

A renovated kitchen is a good selling point - and it need not be expensive.

One place that adds value when selling a home is the kitchen, say estate agents. But budgeting to redo a kitchen can be scary, especially now with the cost of building materials.

Experts say the cost of a new kitchen depends on the finishes you use and on the size of your kitchen.

Rough cost estimates

The average cost of renovating a large kitchen with high-end appliances and semi-custom cabinets can range from R200 000 to R300 000 and up. For a full designer kitchen that figure jumps to R1 million, while a small to medium kitchen renovation can range from R10 000 to R200 000.

What are your biggest costs?

Kitchen cupboards will be your biggest expense. Building work your second biggest expense. Counter tops come in at number three for costs.

You will also have to fork out for electrical work, plumbing and also gas points which could altogether set you back over R40 000. You need to know what you can skimp on and what you can’t, says designer Will Engelbrecht.

His advice: If you want a kitchen you’ll love, and one that will last, you will have to spend money to get you the longevity, however, if you do some DIY you can cut costs dramatically.

There are many ways to renovate a kitchen on a budget:

Spray or paint old cabinets

This will cost about R8 000 – that is about R70 000 less than getting new ones made.

Tip: Ensure you use a paint that can resist moisture and that has a sheen for ease of wiping.

Go second-hand

Use movable furniture instead of built-in cabinets. Buy these pieces from a second-hand shop and DIY as regards restoring them.

Create a feature of open shelving (but mind the dust) for decorative purposes by removing the doors of one of the cabinets.

DIY as much as possible

This is one of the best ways to reduce costs as professional installation and repairs contribute significantly to the cost of kitchen renovation. Also go for white appliances.

Make an art gallery on a wall

This can include recipes that are framed or photos of family and friends eating meals together or having celebrations around food. This will work to remind you of good times too.

Backsplashes can be made of off-cuts of bigger slabs of kitchen counters, which can be cut into various sizes and stacked up.