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Rhône is the Latest Shade from Le Creuset That Injects an Air of Romance into Your Kitchen

Taking inspiration from France’s Côtes du Rhône winemaking region, the newest shade from Le Creuset is bold yet smooth

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By House & Garden South Africa | February 9, 2024 | Kitchen

Kicking off February, nothing alludes to the month of love quite like a smooth shade of rouge like Le Creuset’s latest shade: Rhône.

Taking note from the French wine region of Côtes du Rhône, this latest shade from the stoneware brand introduces a plum-red collection to kitchens, which perfectly pairs with a special vintage you have been saving to open for a special occasion.

Rich in French heritage and flavour, visions of roaming hills of vineyards and aromatic slow-cooked meats are perfectly distilled within the Rhône collection. Take shape in a wide range of Le Creuset’s products, you can find the classic Dutch ovens, heart-warming tea mugs, soup pots, and many more. Cast iron pots are also elegantly capped with a luxe gold knob, which perfectly pairs with the sumptuous red. Both will improve with age, making for a splendid shade pairing.

How to Pair with Your Other Le Creuset Pots

Like great wine, tapping the perfect pairing of Rhône with your pre-existing Le Creuset products.

Since taking inspiration from finest wines in the world, Rhône is a sophisticated red, cultivated with notes of smooth elegance. This pairing the boldness of Rhône with the vibrant energy of brighter Le Creuset shades like honey-like Nectar or soft Chambray, a grey-toned blue.

Not only is February the perfect month to pick up your newest Le Creuset Dutch oven in Rhône, here are some of our favourite recipes to begin your journey with Rhône:

For the vegetarians: Barbeque Baked Beans and Lentil Bake.

For the Low and Slow Cooks: Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Harissa and Garlic.