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Two kitchens with a unique and timeless style

Officine Gullo completed two kitchen projects in the United States, where its OG Collection stove and appliances embellished the kitchen in a combination of technology and style

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By House & Garden South Africa | December 21, 2022 | Kitchen

Taking on a new design project takes time, preparation and resources. If you’ve been looking for some fresh design inspiration, Officine Gullo shared two beautiful, bright and timeless takes on a kitchen redesign project.

The Hamptons kitchen in Bridgehampton, NY, USA

A selection of the best appliances from Officine Gullo's OG Collection was chosen to enrich the renovation project of a beautiful single-family villa in Bridgehampton, in the heart of the Hamptons. The villa is located in one of the most popular seaside resorts in the East End of Long Island, one of the historic summer colonies of the north-eastern United States, 150 kilometres away from Manhattan.

The renovation project was developed by the American design firm Fun House Furnishings & Design, established and appreciated for its attention to detail and the expressiveness of the environments it creates.

The Hamptons kitchen in all its glory, Image: Andrew Frasz

The beautiful mansion hosts a large family with 4 children, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and inside, every detail was designed to provide very enjoyable and perfectly functional spaces. A continuous dialogue between rooms, light, and colours distinguishes the home that accommodates the furnishings, giving life to elegant and cosy environments.

In the kitchen, the combination of different materials creates an eclectic and harmonious environment: white woodwork, light-coloured parquet flooring and white marble covering the walls elegantly combined with the thick steel, painted Grey (RAL 7047 matt), and the polished nickel-plated brass details of the appliances. The result is a bright environment that reflects light everywhere. The products by Officine Gullo, perfectly incorporated, consist of a cooking block of the Fiorentina line (model Fiorentina 60"), a pyramid hood with straight sides, two ovens (one combined with a steam model and one with a microwave), a food warming drawer, a refrigerator, a freezer and a pantry compartment.

In the living area, within the wooden cabinets, a very special element stands out: the wine cellar area characterized by a bright Ocean Blue (RAL 5020) colour and a refined marble washing area. The idea of the wine cellar was born because the owners are wine enthusiasts and wanted to store it properly and at the right temperature.

To the left of the washing area there is a wine dispenser and to the right a multi-temperature Officine Gullo wine cellar ideal to store different types of wine, each at the proper tasting temperature.

The casings of the wine dispenser and wine cellar are also made of thick stainless steel, painted and finished with chrome-plated nickel-plated brass, a finish that matches the rest of the kitchen.

The Tiffany kitchen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, design firm Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. renovated a private home, transforming a 1990s kitchen into a bright, contemporary space characterized by a functional work triangle, a large centre island, and precious appliances.

The Tiffany kitchen has beautiful bold blue, Image: Justin Tearney Photography

The white woodwork gives brightness to the room and highlights the lively colour of the stove from the Fiorentina line (model Fiorentina 60") and Officine Gullo’s bell-shaped hood both in Light Green (RAL 6027), with a double finish for the steel and polished brass details. The elegant mouldings and brass details make the environment look classic and elegant.

The island, with its large quartz support surface and practical washing area, plays a central role offering space for food preparation and as an area around which to sit and entertain. Also the tap on the central island with quartz top, made by Officine Gullo, integrates perfectly with the space, becoming an additional focal point of the entire kitchen. It is a double single-lever mixer with arched jets with an undeniably striking design, whose inspiration is linked to the nautical world. The central control lever, which reminds in every way that of a motor boat, allows choosing the water temperature.