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Whirlpool W Collection Oven: Stylish, intuitive and easy to use

Elegant, contemporary and combined with the most advanced technological digital soul

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By Gugulethu Mkhabela | April 1, 2021 | Kitchen

Easter is just around the corner, and most of us are wary of travelling and still prefer to stay home. Whirlpool’s new W Collection oven is the perfect ally in the kitchen for those delicious hot cross buns and gourmet dishes. The W Collection oven is the epitome of leading-edge product design.

Elegant, contemporary and it is combined with the most advanced technological digital soul. Never mind, not wanting to leave home, you will never want to leave your kitchen. One recipe at a time, or several recipes at the same time, you are spoilt for choice. Super stylish, sophisticated technology, intuitive, and flexible. Read on to find out why you may just need to consider an upgrade right now.


Whirlpool’s unique 6th SENSE technology offers the best and most intuitive experience. It perfectly adapts to your diet and lifestyle. It guides you through up to 40 cooking combinations allowing you to simply select a dish you prefer and cook it to perfection. The 6th SENSE LCD Assisted display assists you in every step in getting outstanding results without compromise.


Another excellent feature in the W7 OM4 4BS1 H model is BakeSense. Its intelligent sensors monitor the level of humidity within the oven cavity, adjusting the time and temperature as necessary and switching off the oven when the food is ready. With BakeSense cooking will be a pleasure.


Another amazing and unique feature is Cook4 which allows extraordinary flexibility. You can cook up to 4 different dishes at the same time without mixing odours and flavours ensuring maximum time with family and friends. Starter, main courses, and dessert can be cooked in a single cavity without compromising on quality. All of them will come out perfectly delicious, keeping their own flavour. Not only will you be a great cook but also quick in delivering a full 4 course meal! It is also perfect for preparing large amount of food when you have plenty of guests.

The oven range is perfectly matched with other appliance in the W Collection range to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Alongside the oven is a matching built-in microwave oven. Ideal for the larger family or entertainer. This Forced air microwave with oven features can grill, crisp, bake and steam food to perfection. An exquisite built-in coffee machine that can make the perfect Cappuccino or Latte and can be paired with a warmer drawer to keep your coffee cups warm.

Complete your kitchen, with Whirpool's super stylish four door fridge freezer and top of the range dishwasher.