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Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series is not just about cleaning up your home but your emotions too

Marie Kondo is back to spark joy into our lives.

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By House & Garden South Africa | September 1, 2021 | Interiors

Marie Kondo is back to spark joy into our lives. The popular cleaning and organising consultant has released her new series Sparkling Joy which is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Following her 2019 series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo - which kept most of us company during our lockdown days, Sparkling Joy aims to reinvigorate, refresh and revitalise people’s homes and lives following the difficulties of the pandemic.

During the pandemic, Kondo and her team came up with a new spin on cleaning up: The process could not only help people sort out their junk, but their emotions too.

"I want to help people to find joy not just by tidying their homes," Kondo says in the series trailer, "but in every area of their lives."

"Tidying isn't just about physical objects, it's a process of learning about yourself and understanding how you really want to live your life," Kondo wrote in an email.

The three episodes are each approximately 40 minutes long and show Kondo working with the owners of an organic garden centre; a coffee shop entrepreneur; and a church volunteer with a clothing problem. They all struggle with messy shelves and even messier personal lives.

Marie Kondo uses her fundamental KonMarie method to help individuals de-clutter their homes and live happier, more fulfilling lifestyles.

What’s more, in Sparkling Joy, fans will get a glimpse into a more personal side of Ms Kondo. From early stages of her pregnancy and wearing loungewear to her personal organising techniques.

With lots of drama and crying, Sparkling Joy is a personal, feel-good reality show - and we can’t wait to pick up some de-cluttering tips on the way.

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